A Leap into the Archive [2013]

Workshop Acquired Techniques - a Leap into the Archive, at Aarhus School of Architecture.
In collaboration with James Martin and Mika K. Friis.
The Archive ‘Following the footsteps of past travelers this is a journey into tools and techniques of the architectural process. The workshop will focus upon architectural production as a conglomerate of various analogue and digital methods, and provide the basics, the tips/tricks - and how the tool themselves becomes operational for spatial/thematic investigations. Eventually, this will become a city, exhibition and phamplet inhabited by the (by-)products of the try and errors, tests and victories.’
1. Evening: The Past Traveller;
Collage as an Operational Tool

2. Evening: (Re)Surrection;
Investigational Models

3. Evening: The Rise of a City;
Photo Documentation and the Camera as Tool

4. Evening: Suspended Narratives;
Alternative Diagrams

5. Evening: Constructing Spaces;
Exploring through Architectural Drawing

6. Evening: A New Leap Begins;
Presentation Lay-out + Exhibition
6. Exhibition, Aarhus School of Architecture