Intermediate Vessels [2013]

Workshop Start-up workshop for 200 candidate students at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

Arranged and conducted in collaboration with Shin Egashira - renowned architect, artist and teacher from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Nat Mosley, and Anders Kruse Aagaard.
The workshop takes its starting point in its physical site at Aarhus Harbour. The harbour has traditionally had a role of handling and exchanging goods, where a mobile infrastructure of cranes and vessels facilitates the exchange between terrestrial transport on train and trucks, and the transport by boat at sea. The harbour is also associated with an immaterial exchange of stories from the sea and know-how of the world.

Today, the harbour is in a phase of transition where the industrial programs are being relocated in order to make place for housing, education and commercial programs. This development facilitates a new exchange of narratives and knowledge. The workshop position itself in the middle of this transition, proposing public facilities – where found stories and structures (existing rail tracks, boats...) is deployed, generating a physical living archive.

The specific site is located along the edge of Basin 7, a 230 m stretch from bollard number 2 - 18. Each group will be assigned to construct a vessel - which combined will act as vehicles of events. The workshop is divided in two phases with a total of 27 groups. Each group is divided into sub-groups with special main responsibilities (voyage log, boat dissection, anchoring to site, vehicle...), informing the overall project of the group.

Taxonomy of Parts Exhibition Space, Aarhus School of Architecture